World Wildlife Foundation

World Wildlife Foundation

The World Wildlife Foundation is one of the largest conservation advocacy organizations in the world, they have been hard at work championing the cause of environmentalism since 1961.  They continually strive to bring awareness to the degradation of our natural environment and encourage people to try and live in harmony with nature.  They have chosen to focus their efforts in these two primary areas:

  • Biodiversitywhy is biodiversity important to humans? they want to ensure protection of endangered species and that natural habitats continue to remain healthy
  • Sustainability – they work towards reducing the impact of humans and our depletion of natural resources.

Bringing Awareness

The foundation works globally to bring awareness about environmental issue, in doing so they concentrate their efforts in the following areas; climate change, water, oceans, forests, animals and food sources.  They see the causes of our life threatening coming from market demand, the financial sectors and poor governance.  Their ultimate goal is to put pressure on those with the ability to change the situation.  This is the type of situation that the World Wildlife Foundation wants to avoid.


The World Wildlife Foundation can’t do this all on their own, an undertaking this big takes a lot of cooperation with organizations with the same or similar goals.  That means that the foundation will work with the global business community, local and federal governments, NGO’s, financial institutions, conservation agencies along with various universities.  Partnering with others allows them to broaden their reach and facilitate change on a global scale.

The Problems We Face

The world is filled with an interconnected array of ecosystems and habitats that support human life, this is where we get clean air, water to drink along with food, shelter and medicine.  Human beings as a species cannot survive without them.  The problem comes when we use more than the earth can produce to sustain us.  This is causing global climate change and we are already feeling it.  If something isn’t done then things will get significantly worse.

The organization wants to ensure that the ecosystems on land and in our oceans continue to be productive and biodiversity thrives.  They want to ensure that endangered species all over the world are protected and can continue to live in the wild, the forests that we depend on to breathe are maintained.  Clean water is a must for all life and that needs to be secured for future generations to come.  These are lofty goals but if we want our children and grandchildren to have a future then something must be done.

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